County Plastering and K-Rendering
County Plastering and K-Rendering


K-Rend is a coloured coating applied to the wall of buildings. K-Rend is a mineral based product traditionally processed using limestone. K-rend is manufactured to enable vapour to pass through the render, allowing the house to breath and preventing internal condensation. ‘K1’ is the latest product from K-Rend. It is a thinner aggregate than traditional renders and therefore provides a smoother finish.  This smoother finish means it contains less pores therefore reducing the likelihood of algae. One of the major benefits in choosing K-Rend is that it comes in many colours which removes the need to paint your house.




Whether your looking to breathe new life into a tired old room or cover that dated textured ceiling. Newly plastered ceiling and walls will give you that high quality smooth professional finish you are looking for. 


County Plastering and K-Rendering. 27 Lancaster Court, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3RQ

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